Luxury Salon Treatments in the Gold Coast

Recently, there was a news item in a daily newspaper in Doha that 6 reputed beauty salons were indicted with allegations of using expired hair products. Immediately after the allegations came into surface and were proven, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce declared verdict for immediate closure of the salons in operation. Therefore, it is for your own safely and hygiene that you should ensure you are visiting a trustworthy salon for beauty treatments. There is even no barrier or nothing to be ashamed of even in checking on the products’ expiry date that are being used in your beauty treatment. Nonetheless, many beauty salons in Gold Coast have pocketed a great reputation in Australia for upscale beauty regimes and services.

Special beauty treatments offered in beauty salons 

Iso Lipting Treatment in winters – This is a dedicated anti aging treatment offered by beauty salons, and works intensively to provide your skin a rejuvenated look and feel.

·        It enhances the collagen production.

·        Boosts the elasticity of the skin.

·        Tones your skin, tightens the loose folds of skin.

·        Triggers cell regeneration.

Skin Hydrating Facial Treatment – The beauty salons in Gold Coast specialize in providing exclusive skin moisturizing facials to cope up with the dehydrated skin problem occurring due to the warm weather in Gold Coast. These special treatments include

·        Neck and shoulder revitalizing massage

·        Paraffin Hydrating Mask for Hands

·        Microdermabrasion

·        Nourishing Fruit Mask for face

·        Special Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask

Tanning Treatments – Spray tanning and other tanning treatments are offered for various price ranges. You can expect a single tanning session at $30 and can expect a great margin of discount in case of booking for a monthly session of tanning.

Make Up – If you are looking for a complete makeover or a groom up session to get ready for a party, the beauty salons can provide you great assistance with their diverse make up services like

·        Super or Mini Facial

·        Brow design

·        Spray tanning with individual shade preference

·        Eye lash designing

·        Expert cosmetic make up

Manicure and pedicure – Manicure and pedicure sessions are routine requirements among women of every age. The beauty salons offer services of deluxe manicure and pedicure and extend comprehensive package solutions with filing, nail cutting, exfoliation, massage and polish in the deal. You can expect a complete package for a manicure session for $45 or so in popular salons.

Waxing – A basic beauty requirement among women, waxing is done in all salons. However, you specially need to evaluate the products offered by the salon in waxing. You can have your own preference, although; therefore, you can mention your specific product preference. Mostly, the minimum price range for waxing services offered in beauty salons in Gold Coast revolves around $20.

Therefore, with enormous budget, upscale, luxury and boutique beauty salons in Gold Coast, you can avail one or the other in most of the locations in the Gold Coast. The only thing that you need to analyze is the budget of treatments and of course the quality and reputation of the service of the particular beauty salon you are interested in.