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Organisational Psychology: Its Role and Importance

If you are in the corporate world for several years already, you might be fully aware how important the industrial and organizational psychology is to both your business and the people working therein. Commonly known as I/O psychology, it contributes to a company’s success by enhancing the performance and overall well-being of the employees. Because of this advantage, corporate psychology services, such as the Sure Psychology and other workplace-focused psychology services, become helpful players in various industries.


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What Is Industrial and Organizational Psychology?


Industrial and organizational psychology are two different areas within this branch of psychology. The industrial side of I/O psychology gives emphasis on the relationship between the employees and the given work environment. Factors, such as performance, job satisfaction, and efficiency levels, are measured. Employee training and the hiring process are also considered. Fitness for duty assessment is one of the requirements for hiring, whilst medico legal assessments are necessary if there are cases which jeopardize the employees’ safety within the workplace.


On the other hand, the organizational side of the I/O psychology involves the general workplace and is focused on the employees’ productivity and efficiency given with the company’s rules and regulations.


Importance of Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Corporate psychology services are important to an organizations success as they help in assessing behavioral patterns of employees and helping the organizations leaders point out necessary elements to improve performance and productivity. In fact, industrial and organizational psychology has a lot of benefits to give to a company.


  • Recruitment


During the recruitment phase, most companies require applicants to take a neuropsychological assessment. It is because through this test the hiring officers can determine whether the applicant is fit for that vacant position in the company or not. It helps them evaluate the applicant’s skills, attitudes, values, and the ability to solve problems when they arise.


  • Job Satisfaction


I/O psychology is essential in the aspect of motivation, job satisfaction, and maintaining the morale of the employees of a certain organization. By conducting a regular assessment of the employees’ behavior toward work, you will learn some strategies on how to motivate them and increase productivity.


  • Work Efficiency


Absenteeism or accidents which can happen in the workplace can decrease productivity. By employing I/O psychologists, you will be able to determine the primary causes to such incidents. By conducting a yearly psychological assessment, you will become aware of your employees’ mental health, which may directly affect their work performance.


  • Resolving Workplace Conflicts


Workplace conflicts are an inevitable part of an organization. That is why it is important to hire corporate psychology services to assess not just the issue but every employee’s needs and personal issues as these can implicitly affect the workplace, in general.


  • Potential Leadership


From the rank-and-file to the managerial positions in an organization, corporate psychology is always an essential role player. Employees who possess certain skills which will qualify them for promotion need psychological assessment as this can help you determine whether they are right for the position or not.


Industrial and organizational psychology isn’t just an option per se. You, as a company leader, should employ relevant experts to help you find out the strengths and weaknesses of the major arm of your company – your employees. By doing so, you are giving it greater chances to succeed. For more details, visit at

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Top Tips for Choosing a Good Dental Clinic in Bangkok

Taking regular trips to the dentist is one of the great practices of maintaining your teeth in top shape. So if you’ve just moved to Bangkok, finding a reputable dentist should be top on your to-do-list. But nowadays, there are dozens of dental clinics and dental specialists in Bangkok, and choosing the right one can be like digging a minefield. They all offer enticing services and discounted prices, making the decision even harder. Other than that, there are several Bangkok dental clinics that are not legitimate and are offering unprofessional services that you need to be wary of.

So, how can you be able to tell if a dental clinic will offer quality, cost-effective and personalized services that you need? Below are some of the most important factors you need to put into consideration when looking for a dental clinic.

Experience and Expertise

The experience and expertise of the dentist and other health professionals working at the dental clinic will significantly affect the outcome of your treatment. A dentist who is experienced is in a better position to handle even a complicated case because he has been exposed to a wide variety of dental problems over the years.

But experience is not all – a good dentist can only maintain his expertise by keeping himself updated with the latest technologies in the industry. Make sure that the dental specialist you choose attends continued dental education courses, conferences and seminars. A good clinic should provide detailed biographies on their website.

The Clinic’s Reputation

Most Bangkok dental clinics provide online reviews and testimonials for potential customers. Don’t overlook them – read as many reviews and testimonials as possible. They will not only help you figure out the kind of services to expect, but you will also be informed if they offer the type of service you are looking for. Also, if a clinic is recommended by more than three people, then it is likely to be an excellent choice and is worth trying.

Safety, Hygiene, Materials and Equipment

You don’t want to leave the clinic with an infection on top of your current dental problem. This might be the result of visiting a dental clinic that doesn’t use proper hygiene measures. Make sure you ask about the clinic’s sterilization protocol. Do they use autoclaves for sterilization of used tools? How do they store sterile instruments? How do they dispose gloves, tumblers, syringes and needles? Get all this information before you choose a dental clinic.

Other than that, it’s important to assess the type of equipment used at the clinic. Choose a facility that uses state of the art dental equipment that’s able to simplify complex procedures and deliver excellent results.

Customer Service

There are many Bangkok dental clinics with luxurious equipment and experienced staff but lack good customer care. Call your prospective dental clinic and talk to the front office. How do they address you? You may even visit the facility and see how their patients are being treated. Better yet, talk to patients who visit the clinic and ask them if they are satisfied with the services.

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Health & Safety Consultant – Keep Your Place Safe

The recent closure of an aged care centre in the UK has brought to the fore the issue of provisions for safety in places where they are needed the most. It is indeed a matter to be concerned about that in most buildings and public places the two key aspects of safety and health are either neglected or not given the priority they should be assigned. If you are in any way involved in managing a building or other premises, you should consider hiring the services of agood health & safety consultant, who would be able to provide all the inputs that you need in this area.

Safety Comes from Foresight

The concept of declaring a building safe or not is built upon several factors. Even before the construction is undertaken, the structural stability of the building planned has to be ascertained. This is generally the responsibility of the architect and the structural engineer. Elements like the stability in the event of an earthquake are also checked out. But when the building gets constructed and occupied, many agencies have to inspect and accord their approval from the safety point of view. But what the health & safety consultant brings to the table is a holistic view of the safety aspect. There are everyday drills like how to react in the case of a fire or if the lift stops suddenly, and passengers are stuck inside and so on. There are primarily 2 aspects to these checks. The first would be to check if the basic provisions are in place. In this example, does the lift have the emergency provision to bring the lift manually to the immediate next floor and the door to open without having to wait for an expert? Are all fire fighting equipment in place and are they periodically checked if they are in working condition?

But above all these, there are cases where the people in the building have to be trained or made aware of how to use the safety provisions. The incident quoted in the first paragraph above is very much a case in point since the inmates of the home were not aware how to use an emergency switch!

A Healthy Environment is Mandatory

Now, while safety is being considered, the health and hygiene aspect cannot be separated from it. The first requirement in any building where public gathers or even for a building where hundreds of employees come to work every day is to maintain it spotlessly clean. There must be a garbage removal procedure in place and a mechanism to monitor the efficient functioning of the cleaning and garbage clearance activities. In the case of industrial units, there are other precautions to be taken with regard to making the whole place healthy and the environment unpolluted. Many of these are mandated under laws governing the safety and health of the employees in any enterprise. In places like a shopping mall where people frequent in large numbers, the health & safety consultant will frame the guidelines on what steps should be taken to stay in conformity with the requirement.

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Luxury Salon Treatments in the Gold Coast

Recently, there was a news item in a daily newspaper in Doha that 6 reputed beauty salons were indicted with allegations of using expired hair products. Immediately after the allegations came into surface and were proven, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce declared verdict for immediate closure of the salons in operation. Therefore, it is for your own safely and hygiene that you should ensure you are visiting a trustworthy salon for beauty treatments. There is even no barrier or nothing to be ashamed of even in checking on the products’ expiry date that are being used in your beauty treatment. Nonetheless, many beauty salons in Gold Coast have pocketed a great reputation in Australia for upscale beauty regimes and services.

Special beauty treatments offered in beauty salons 

Iso Lipting Treatment in winters – This is a dedicated anti aging treatment offered by beauty salons, and works intensively to provide your skin a rejuvenated look and feel.

·        It enhances the collagen production.

·        Boosts the elasticity of the skin.

·        Tones your skin, tightens the loose folds of skin.

·        Triggers cell regeneration.

Skin Hydrating Facial Treatment – The beauty salons in Gold Coast specialize in providing exclusive skin moisturizing facials to cope up with the dehydrated skin problem occurring due to the warm weather in Gold Coast. These special treatments include

·        Neck and shoulder revitalizing massage

·        Paraffin Hydrating Mask for Hands

·        Microdermabrasion

·        Nourishing Fruit Mask for face

·        Special Collagen Hydrating Facial Mask

Tanning Treatments – Spray tanning and other tanning treatments are offered for various price ranges. You can expect a single tanning session at $30 and can expect a great margin of discount in case of booking for a monthly session of tanning.

Make Up – If you are looking for a complete makeover or a groom up session to get ready for a party, the beauty salons can provide you great assistance with their diverse make up services like

·        Super or Mini Facial

·        Brow design

·        Spray tanning with individual shade preference

·        Eye lash designing

·        Expert cosmetic make up

Manicure and pedicure – Manicure and pedicure sessions are routine requirements among women of every age. The beauty salons offer services of deluxe manicure and pedicure and extend comprehensive package solutions with filing, nail cutting, exfoliation, massage and polish in the deal. You can expect a complete package for a manicure session for $45 or so in popular salons.

Waxing – A basic beauty requirement among women, waxing is done in all salons. However, you specially need to evaluate the products offered by the salon in waxing. You can have your own preference, although; therefore, you can mention your specific product preference. Mostly, the minimum price range for waxing services offered in beauty salons in Gold Coast revolves around $20.

Therefore, with enormous budget, upscale, luxury and boutique beauty salons in Gold Coast, you can avail one or the other in most of the locations in the Gold Coast. The only thing that you need to analyze is the budget of treatments and of course the quality and reputation of the service of the particular beauty salon you are interested in.

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Crucial Benefits of Living near a 24/7 Medical Centre

You’ll never know when emergencies happen. Sometimes, accidents, burns, or extreme injuries might take place during the most inconvenient hours; and to make it more complicated, a clinic positioned a few blocks away probably does not serve throughout after-hours. In circumstances like that, luckily, some doctors in Australia like Pullenvale doctors serve during later hours.

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Isn’t it so practical? Possibilities are scary, that’s why it’s so reassuring to know that you live just a couple of blocks from a 24/7 clinic.Picture your dissatisfaction if you encounter a centre who refers you to other clinics since they are only open during mornings until afternoon—and it’s an emergency! With 24/7 clinics nearby, you never have to worry about this.

Advantages of living in a location where a 24/7 clinic is available

Paying in bulk. What’s even better is that if you reserve an appointment today in some 24/7 clinics, you can totally pay in bulk if you have a Medicare card. For example, if you’re reserving an appointment for your kid who’s aged under 15 years of ages in a SmartClinics branch, you can also pay in bulk except during Saturdays, where you need to independently foot the bill. Pensioners who have health care cards can also get discounts.

You are served despite the fact that you didn’t reserve an appointment. It’s a given that 24/7 clinics are thoughtful, in regards to appointments. If you’re an outpatient walking in the middle of the night, you can be sure that health care providers can handle the spontaneity and serve you. This is, of course, truly useful if the client requires urgent medical attention. Visit at SmartClinics

You don’t typically wait a lot. Most of the time, since it’s a 24/7 clinic or medical centre, their protocol is developed to serve and attend to each client rapidly and in the very best method possible. Late night admissions are clearly emergencies, so it’s only sensible for late-night shift healthcare centres to be trained in quickly serving clients and rapidly determining what medical treatment they really require.

Well-prepared and -equipped clinic. Once again, because their protocol is to be alert and serve clients immediately, it just makes sense that their clinic is also fully equipped with the necessary tools for the most typical emergency situation scenarios. A well-prepared clinic’s environment is also appropriate for faster enquiries, therefore the other pending patients can be served right away.

The same perfect services and costs like normal clinic hours. In some much better centres, they even have lower charges than conventional medical facilities. This is necessary, given that most late-night outpatients are typically in a rush and might not pay the entire fees in full, assuming they didn’t bring adequate cash. Meanwhile, for those health care card holders, they will likewise get streamlined services and discounts at a clinic who allows bulk-billing.


Today, if ever you’re in dire need of medical attention at a late hour, it’s not necessary for you to book for a Pullenvale doctors appointment ahead of time to get the right medical attention. If you want nearby Pullenvale doctors, Kholo doctors, Mount Crosby doctors, or Anstead doctors, you can bookmark this clinic’s site as they have branches in those areas. For more details, visit their website at

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Top 4 Stress-Busting Activities You Could Try This Year

We are normally exposed to a lot of stresses and pressures at numerous aspects of our lives. This is just part of being humans. Though this is unpreventable, we do not have to make these conditions get over our guts for facing brand-new stuff and finding out new talents. From getting Enzyme Therapy from a DMK clinic Brisbane has today to gardening, you can absolutely gain an amount of satisfaction by engrossing yourself in these functions:

Horticulture – Be one with Earth once again

There are many horticulture fashions today such as herb gardens, vertical farming, and hydroponic farms. But what does tending herb gardens do to you other than supplying you added parsley and spice for your dinner party’s pasta entrees?

What people don’t usually understand primarily glance is the advantages of landscaping to psychological well-being. Research studies from the likes of Oxford University have actually proven that growing plants have a desirable impact on shrub’ self-worth and state of mind. And it even really helps in reducing unhappiness and fatigue!

If you intend to experience tranquillity and learn a thing or more about the fundamentals of contemporary landscaping, then you can browse for vertical gardening ideas from specialists such as Mr. Stacky.

Volunteering – Try teaching overseas!

Yet another activity that has been shown to provide individuals a sense of calm and accountability is volunteering.

No matter if you’re a reputable businessperson or a trainee in their gap year, you can certainly volunteer overseas during your vacation. Through bodies and organizations like, you can have a go at gap year volunteering and volunteer with children in forsaken areas in a synchronized and secured manner.

If you’re preparing for a medicinal career, you can register in a medical internship by volunteering with children in hospitals; meanwhile, if you’re a businessman who wishes to expand their company and invest in networking, you can volunteer in Bali and meet potential clients and partners there.

Soothe Your Skin with Enzyme Therapy

Albeit you’re combating stress, who claims it should also show on your skin? If you’re stressed that your skin is losing its natural luster and colour, you can try skin care therapy that scrubs, moisturises, and rejuvenates the natural gleam of your skin.

One of the options you can take into account is an Enzyme therapy from DMK Brisbane. This treatment from Brisbane DMK clinic has today includes the needed assessment just before the solution to ensure that the skin expert can certainly find out the best therapy for you.

In a DMK clinic Brisbane has these days, they are providing other sorts of DMK Enzyme Treatments, with prices extending from $169-$295. As the rate increases higher, the complexity and thoroughness of the therapy also raise. The Instant Lift Enzyme Therapy, for instance, is an ideal treatment if you’re going to a special event like a wedding or awards night and you want your skin to glow and feel supple.

You can visit the DMK clinic Brisbane if you have further inquiries about this treatment.

Try being random

There’s a lot of information that prove how we must be ready for just about anything and plan ahead, most especially when embarking on to new work possibilities. And that being said, it’s somewhat likely that being completely random with your options is presented a bad light.

Whilst organizing is vital to being successful, it’s not a determinative to achieving effectiveness– consequently is being random with your choices. Even so, the previous has been confirmed to summon creativeness for anyone.

As an example, if you remain in a project that includes flexibility and thinking of new, daring ideas, you’ll absolutely be more satisfied if you chill out and specialize in being more random, instead of being too set up and restricted by a defined framework in conceptualizing.

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Helpful Activities that Dementia Patients can Perform to Help them Function

Aging is considered as an inevitable, unfavorable and issue ridden stage of life. Aging includes lots of difficulties. The loss of self-reliance is one prospective part of the procedure, as are lessened physical capability and age discrimination. As currently observed, lots of older grownups stay extremely self-dependent. That is why selecting an appropriate aged dementia care for your loved ones is important.

aged dementia care

Not all seniors can take part in group activities that are rather intricate. Have a look at these aged dementia care activities listed below to assist them attain function and satisfaction. Not just will these activities assist them re-learn abilities they might have forgotten due to the fact that of their condition, it will likewise assist provide a sense of satisfaction after achieving these jobs:
  • Hanging Laundry and Taking Laundry Off the Line. This might appear like a normal task however it significantly assists them keep their balance. As individuals get older, the fluid in your inner ear that is accountable for keeping balance will begin to reduce. Hanging out laundry and taking them off will assist the senior preserve balance. Hanging out laundry is likewise an excellent way for your seniors to soak up sunlight and fresh air. This activity includes the hands, arms, legs, and back, for that reason assists to reinforce their muscles. This will likewise boost their fine and gross motor motions.
  • Doing the Dishes. An activity as ordinary and recurring as cleaning the meals can assist seniors with dementia enhance their concentration, attention and memory period. It will likewise promote their senses and assist in hand-eye coordination. It will assist them produce relationships with other homeowners in the center as well as foster cooperation and interaction if they do this with another individual. Before selecting a facility, check the types of aged dementia care they offer.
  • Bed Making. This easy activity is a great way to assist your seniors keep in mind the series of this specific job. They should have mastered this ability after all those early mornings they invested correcting all the bed rooms in your house. Albeit basic, this activity will assist boost their cognitive abilities along with enhancing the series of movement in their joints when they straighten the bed mattress. This will likewise assist them acknowledge things such as pillows, blanket, duvet, comforter, and so on. Click here Arcare Glenhaven for more details.
  • Dusting. This should be part of dementia care services program in the facility. This activity will help seniors to remember details. It will likewise enhance their analytical abilities in addition to acknowledge typical items utilized for cleaning. Once they achieve the job, their hand-eye coordination will be improved and will provide them a sense of function.
It is inadequate that the center you pick for your aging loved ones are abundant in activities to support their abilities and interests. You ought to likewise select a personal dementia care program that will assist them to unwind. Keeping them hectic is a great method to assist them discover function, you likewise have to make sure that they are not worried about the lots of activities they can get involved in. Even if they attempt their finest to adjust to their brand-new environment, there are underlying concerns that might still impact their state of mind and personal care. This will result in tension and if not dealt with without delay, tension can take a toll on their general physical and psychological health.


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